Portugal is increasingly the venue for foreign weddings. It’s the perfect wedding destination due to it’s climatic and geographical characteristics, such as the mild climate, the proximity to the sea, the variety of beaches, farms and palaces. And how couldn’t be, the typical Portuguese gastronomy so appreciated and the good quality/price ratio!

“Although Portugal is a small country, the diversity of destinations for a wedding is impressive. The extensive Portuguese coast offers fantastic beaches to lose sight of. In the center region, we can find several natural parks and green forests. Northern Portugal is rich in Douro vineyards. In the South the countryside predominates. It’s also worth noting that Portugal is one of the countries most likely to have good time for the wedding day, compared to other European countries”, commented the wedding planners Anna Shcherbyna and Viktoriia Ignateva, Studio Victorias, which acts in Portugal.

More and more are the couples from the most diverse nationalities who choose Portugal to celebrate an incredible wedding, for reasons ranging from their magnificent landscapes to cultural heritage. Thanks to this variety of factors, our country is one of the countries of choice for destination weddings.

The couple who come to get married in Portugal do it for the trip, the experience and the memories that they wish to create here.

Last but not least, it’s the gastronomy of the country. Portugal offers a wealth of flavors unparalleled and a wealth and variety to be found in few places in the world.

Cities like Lisbon, Porto, Guimarães, areas such as the Algarve or Alentejo or the islands of Madeira and the Azores are authentic paradises.

Maybe the hard part is choosing. But imagining a medieval marriage in a castle, a church in the middle of a beach, a wedding in a royal palace, the center of a city or one of the islands is something fascinating and will surely make any couple fall in love.

Gathering family and friends in another country on a trip is not always possible, so in marriage it’s like taking a trip with the people you love the most in the world, but this time with a special shine.

Valé and Sam have chosen Set Lounge Beach in Vila do Conde. Sam is Portuguese and met Valé in Switzerland. In addition to making friends with our beautiful country, they had a memorable day and a lot of fun.

Marrying away from home, in another country, is an idea, in itself, exotic and makes your marriage unique and different from all those you have seen. Marry in Portugal is to live a love story surrounded by those you love most in special places. Here you will find everything it takes to start the new chapter of your life and be extremely happy!

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