The internet is undoubtedly one of our best day-to-day allies and social networks, ironic as it may seem, a research tool and contact with the outside world is indispensable. Both Pinterest and Instagram are very useful tools to inspire and organize your marriage.

Pinterest is a rich image sharing platform in references. Just from ideas connected to marriage, the network has more than 3 billion (that’s right!) of inspirations for all tastes. That’s why this tool has become so popular in the world of brides.

Being a useful platform for couples wishing to organize a wedding, it offers not only more popular ideas, but also trends in other countries. There is everything from clothing stores to confectionery shops and party places. The net works like the old cork or metal frame, where we used to post the ideas that we liked the most. “The bride and groom can show the Pins they’ve saved on their murals for the video/photo teams, and even decorators/space that will help them bring their favorite ideas to life.” In fact, in Pinterest and Instagram, you can get great ideas to decorate the big day. Social networks are packed with wedding photos of celebrities, from times past and from different concepts and styles. It’s amazing how we can take what we like most about each thing and create an unimaginable event! Are there any drawbacks? Yes, there are at least three unpredictable situations when drawing inspiration from wedding images on Pinterest and Instagram.


The budget is a huge hindrance for several couples, but will it be necessary to spend a fortune to have a wedding that look like a movie? In our humble opinion, no! There are several types of wedding where you can enjoy a sensational marriage, such as a wedding in the country/rural, in the forest, or at the beach, a small intimate wedding. Would not be memorable?


There are several factors to take into account when organizing a wedding according to the chosen theme: the weather, the place, the season, etc. And these don’t always coincide with the images we see on social networks. In addition, you may not get the same appointments and other details. And if you can, you probably don’t have the budget for everything. The costs can be very high. Remember that seeing amazing marriages doesn’t mean that yours needs to be equal. Either way, your marriage will always be special and unique, simply because it’s yours. 

Expectation and Reality

Oftentimes, what we see in Pinterest leads to the couple trying to make amazing copies, which it would be necessary hire experienced professionals (wedding planners, for example) and specific and expensive external services. What’s worse is that if you ask your vendors for a copy of what you saw in a celebrity wedding x or y, on a budget, it’s very likely that your high expectations will end in a complete deception.

Nobody says not to connect with social networks. On the contrary, it is an excellent source of inspiration, and ourselves use it a lot, so we can only recommend it. In this field we can help you organize your wedding. The organization is crucial to not waste unnecessary time. Optimize your initial search for the style you want. Get Inspired!

Organize folders

Here is the secret of organizing a wedding at Pinterest: on the panels. Knowing how to put together a portfolio of inspirations for your wedding at Pinterest, so you can compare and decide more safely what you want for your wedding.

The panels work as drawers. You can separate each of them into one of the main items of the wedding check list, such as dress, decoration, invitations, souvenirs and honeymoon, for example. In each one it is possible to create subdivisions, for example, in decoration have a specific area for the flower arrangements, another for the cake, etc.

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