About us

Filipa & Jaime


We are Jaime and Filipa, a couple that fell in love with the art of photography.

Photography has always been present in our lives, starting as a hobby that soon became our profession…

We love what we do and, above all, we love to tell stories and witness such important moments in the lives of those we photograph.

We create images that come from within us, that have been growing with us.

Each photograph tells a story, shares moments and emotions and transforms the light we capture into something magical and unique.

In addition to photography, we have other passions: animals (we have four cats and a dog), motorcycles, Japanese and Italian cuisine and nature in general.

Jaime and Filipa

Francisca & Miguel


Hi, I am Miguel. We started our journey into the world of weddings as videographers. To this day, we remain passionate about capturing moments and words that help us create a story of your day. In your big day I have the help of a second videographer. Our video manages to bring back the sounds of laughter, happiness and the pleasure of being with the ones they love the most. Eternalizing memories that will accompany you in your lives.
We like a more discreet approach throughout your day, our aim is to be as invisible as possible.
In addition to video, i have other passions, such as travelling, our pets, friends and family, rural tourism and of course cinema.

Beauty is...

in the simplicity of knowing how to appreciate small details

We are currently located in Porto, but we travel anywhere in the country or abroad to photograph and capture those most memorable events in your lives.

Please feel welcome and thanks for visiting!

Jaime, Filipa and Miguel.