No ideas on how to do the long-awaited question to your girlfriend? We help you! Before the big moment of “Yes”, the request is, undoubtedly, a moment that will be marked in the life of the couple. Because we believe in love, we leave some ideas on how to make this request.

Go to theater and get in touch with the manager. After closing the curtain, take the stage. Why not book a trip to a dream city, and make the request outside the area where you live, and in the late afternoon at sunset?

CHRISTINE & GABE, chose the city of Porto for this great moment. They had planned to make the trip to Lisbon and Porto, and they chose the D. Luís bridge, this breathtaking place, where you have an incredible view of our beautiful city. If you are from Portugal, why not go to the mythical city of love? Paris!

In love with movies? So why not make a little video where you record a declaration of love, and ask to include this video in the middle of the ads in the movie? We can help to realize this idea.

Why not offer a photo session to your face and in the middle of this session make the request for marriage? Prepare a beautiful picnic in the middle of the forest and add to this ethereal moment a bohemian style and make the proposal amid two passionate kisses?

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Courtesy: Zankyou